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The majority of our Sustainable Programs are available to individuals and communities throughout the U.S. Some programs can be provided directly within your community while others may require travel to one of our sustainable training facilities. Please read the details for each program to ensure Sustainable Living Academy can meet your sustainable objectives.

Each sustainable program has slightly different considerations for your participation or request for support. Please review the program details to help ensure our program can adequately assist you in achieving your sustainable objectives. Here are links to our sustainable events schedule and applications to request participation or assistance from one of our sustainable programs.

Before selecting one of our sustainable programs, please visit the program pages to review the program scope and requirements.

Who We Are

Sustainable Living Academy (formerly named Foundation for Sustainable Living)

is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charity founded on the realization that humanity is far from achieving long-term sustainability with nature and the natural resources of our planet.


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    Sustainable Living Academy is still under development and working diligently to achieve our dream to offer free access to our Sustainable Training Center, Sustainable Boot Camp programs. A schedule of activities and events will be posted as soon as it

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